Dr Cattigan is Stamford’s new Non-Executive Director 

Dr Cattigan is Stamford’s new Non-Executive Director

GP Partner Dr Gavin Cattigan has taken over the Non-Executive Director (NED) role for Lakeside Healthcare at Stamford. NEDs represent the views of practice staff to Lakeside Partnership and relaying information on wider initiatives back to site level.  

Dr Cattigan is a local resident, having joined Lakeside Healthcare ate Stamford as a salaried GP in 2017. Two years later he became a Partner and now has taken over the NED role from colleague Dr Sara Hall. 

Dr Cattigan said: ‘My skills are quite people orientated, speaking to colleagues, checking how morale is and passing information back and forth, whether it is from the central part of the team to the site or vice versa. When Dr Hall said she was looking to step down I thought “have I got the skills to potentially carry on the really good work that she has been doing?” and it seemed like the next logical step going forward as I need those skills as a Partner. 

‘We have a good new management team at Stamford and that has been a huge help. We have had our challenges that we are really working hard to overcome, but we have a good team foundation to keep pushing things in the right direction.’ 

Published: May 16, 2022