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Issue 3 April 2022


We're delighted with patient feedback following our successful Doctrin launch

Thank you to everyone who has tried our new online consultation platform. We are delighted that so many people are using it and giving it more than 90% approval ratings.  In just 24 hours since its launch in late March more than 200 consultations were submitted and figures are currently at more than 1,000 cases and rising.

Feedback ratings from Stamford patients are consistently high; 92.1% of respondents said they were met with compassion while 89.9 % would recommend the platform to others and 88.6% said they had received sufficient information.

We're delighted with patient feedback following our successful Doctrin launch

Lakeside is the first GP Partnership to roll out the platform in the UK (delivering a combined total of 21,500 consultations) and Stamford’s is the sixth, and largest launch in terms of cases submitted, with the age of patients ranging from newborn to 90 year olds.

Hub Manager, Teri White, said: ‘The team is absolutely delighted with the positive response. The widespread use of Doctrin led to a 20% drop in telephone calls on the first day of operation, which means we have additional capacity to deal with those who are not confident or able to use the technology. It is early days, but the figures and feedback have been incredibly positive, and we are confident that will continue.'

Group Lead Nurse, Kerry Gardner, said: ‘Even within the first couple of hours patients were saying “I am absolutely loving this new platform and thank you for your swift response."

'They were uploading photographs of their conditions, requesting referrals for X-rays and blood tests and having advice on chronic diseases, meaning they didn't have to take time out of their busy day to visit the practice. Patients feel they are dealt with in a timely manner.'

Craig Oates, Managing Director of Doctrin (UK and Ireland), said: ‘Doctrin is supporting Lakeside in transforming how they deliver care and support their patients, providing clinical supervision and training opportunities, and helping practices get the most out of their staff while providing a gold-standard service for patients.

'Our care navigation and end-to-end triage and consultation tool enables practices to gain unique insights into patient behaviours and needs, plan services more effectively – and improve efficiency, patient outcomes and overall satisfaction rates.'


News from the Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group acts as a critical friend to Stamford Lakeside, and are a conduit between patients and the practice. They hold regular meetings with patients at both Sheepmarket and St Mary's surgeries and are inviting patients to pop in.

The next drop-in sessions with the PPG are:

  • St Mary's Medical Centre: Monday 25th April 10am – 11.30am
  • Sheepmarket: Monday 9th May 10am – 11.30am

Chair, Helen Walton said: 'We really want to engage with patients, gather their views and help them in whatever way we can

'We have been introduced to the Doctrin platform and so, if patients want to use it or have more questions then we are happy to talk them through it. We are also inviting all interested patients to join us at our Annual General Meeting. Content

The Annual General Meeting of the Patient Participation Group takes place in the Town Hall Court Room on Tuesday 26th April 2022 from 7pm to 9pm.

All patients are welcome to attend.


PCN team hosts Occupational therapy apprentice

The Four Counties Primary Care Network Team welcomed an apprentice Occupational Therapist on a placement and she loved every moment with them ...

The Four Counties PCN is a partnership of GPs, specialist practitioners and community services, providing ‘wrap around’ services in Stamford and Bourne. Trainee, Rebecca Sampson worked alongside the team’s Occupational Therapists Lola Dack and Louise Laugharne.

Lola said: ‘It is the first time that our PCN team has welcomed an OT student. Becky shadowed us then gradually started doing her own visits and assessments under our supervision. She really settled in well. It was a hugely positive experience and one that we plan to repeat. Rebecca was very thorough and good at talking to people. She settled in with the team very quickly and there was positive feedback from patients.’

After her placement Rebecca wrote to the team: ‘This placement really pushed me out of my comfort zone but I couldn’t have been made to feel more comfortable and welcome in such a kind and brilliant team. I will miss you all, but will never forget the roles you have all played in supporting my journey to become an occupational therapist.’


Dr Gavin Cattigan takes over as Stamford's NED

Dr Gavin Cattigan has taken over as Stamford's Non Executive Director, promoting the interests of Stamford Lakeside at Management and Partnership level and relaying decisions taken by the wider Partnership back to colleagues at site. Lakeside Healthcare is a Partnership of GP practices with over 50 GP Partners who, alongside our staff teams, work together to provide healthcare for 170,000 patients across the region. Dr Cattigan took over the role from Dr Sara Hall on 1 April 2022. We will publish a profile of him and his role, in due course.



Meet Lisa, our Quality Outcomes Framework Lead

She joined the Patient Services Team in Stamford in 2015 before moving into a new QOF Team, which measures the practice’s performance and outcomes against specific targets.

She, along with her colleagues Lee-Ann and Dawn, work closely with the Nursing Team and schedule regular reviews for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, COPD, asthma, heart failure, chronic kidney disease etc. That equates to around half of Stamford’s patient list and so her role needs a great deal of attention to detail.

Lisa said: ‘We make sure that those patients with a chronic disease are seen and reviewed annually by a dedicated chronic disease nurse and a healthcare assistant. We contact the patient, raise the necessary blood forms and ensure they have an up-to-date blood pressure reading before booking them into see a chronic disease nurse. We have a strong chronic disease nursing team and work closely with them to ensure their clinics are full at all times in order to benefit the patient, and help the surgery achieve its targets.

'The idea is to also try and co-ordinate the patient’s annual review along with their medication review on or around their birth month. This then provides the patient with a structured timescale. I believe, as a team we are very organised and focused with the sole aim of benefitting our patients …giving us job satisfaction!’


Dr Kate Noble

We would like to wish our GP Partner, Dr Kate Noble, all the very best as she retires after 30 years at Stamford. Thank you for your sterling service. The whole team, past and present, wish you all the very best for the future.


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