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by Anonymous gave The New Sheepmarket Surg. a rating of 5 stars

Great surgery - bit hit and miss with the doctors

Make sure you see a few doctors before sticking to a main one. A few are a little less helpful or have very strong religious beliefs which sometimes interfere with treatment options. However once you find a doctor you click with - its great.

Visited in August 2017, Posted on 21 August 2017

by Newbie Nessie gave St.Mary'S Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Professional and caring..would recommend

I have joined the practice and was impressed to have been offered an appointment before work at 8am. The staff were professional and helpful and my Gp saw me promptly. In contrast to appointments in my previous practice, I was given a full consultation and felt the GP wanted what was best for my health and not jus what was cheapest! I felt they demonstrated care and professionalism....thank you.

Visited in July 2017, Posted on 12 July 2017