PPG AGM Minutes  31st January 2023

  • Date: 31st January 2023
  • Time: 6.00 pm
  • Location: All Saints and St John’s Unity Centre, West Street, Stamford, PE9 2PR
Attendees Position/Role
Bill Proudlock PPG Interim Chair (BP)
Julie Clarke PPG Committee Member/Note taker (JC)
Alison Warrick PPG Committee Member (AW)
Peter Roome PPG Committee Member (PR)
George Woolf PPG Committee Member (GW)
Marion Pitt PPG Committee Member (MP)
Elaine Hooper PPG Committee Member (EH)
Morag Roberts PPG Committee Member (MR)
Apologies Position/Role
Paddy Jellen PPG Committee Member (PJ)
Invited Healthcare Guests Position/Role
Dr Dan Cattigan GP Partner/Non-Executive Director, Lakeside Healthcare (DC)
Jessica Bawden CEO, Lakeside Healthcare (JB)
Teri White Lakeside Hub Manager (TW)
Caroline Freeman Lakeside Healthcare Group Communications Officer (CF)
Nick Blake Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board Programme Director (NB)

Introduction by the Interim Chair (BP)

BP Welcomed patients and invited guests to the meeting.


Minutes of last AGM, held 26 April 2022

Minutes were distributed to all attendees, proposed by GW and seconded by PR. Accepted as accurate.


Matters arising from last AGM

No matters arising.


Interim Chair’s Report

BP gave his report on the activities of the PPG since the last AGM in April 2022.


Address to the meeting by JB

JB made a presentation, aided by slides which had been provided in hard copy for attendees and offered a question and answer session afterwards. The slides gave an overview of:

  • The workforce, including GPs, Nurses, Dispensary and Practice management.
  • A snapshot of a typical working week.
  • A breakdown of appointments in the past year, including face-to-face, telephone, home visits and video.
  • Figures on the overview of the local and national picture, focusing on Lincolnshire GPs
  • GP Recruitment, including mention of the national shortage of around 4,200 GPs, with a warning that the shortage figure is projected to rise to around 8,000.
  • A commitment to offering training places at the surgeries to student doctors (Registrars), noting that many of the exiting GPs started in Stamford as a result of their practice secondment.
  • An update on what the practice is doing to address the issues identified in the recent Care Quality Commission report. This includes a targeted NHS-led programme to work with a trainer, who reviews the Practice to identify where improvements can be introduced. JB told the meeting that this has so far led to a new booking system, where urgent or complex cases are ringfenced to be dealt with more urgently by a GP Partner. A new telephone system has been installed and the ‘Doctorin’ online consulting system appears to be popular with patients. She said that the administrative backlog is a priority and that they are working hard to tackle that.
  • Complaints are now prioritised, recorded and shared at a monthly clinical meeting and at individual team meetings, which include patient feedback. The Practice now has a dedicated member of staff to deal with complaints, supported by a GP Partner.
  • Profiles of the different roles within the Practice (with photos), including Emergency Care Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Social Prescriber, Practice Nurse and Pharmacy Technician.

A more detailed copy of the presentation accompanies these minutes, for the PPG Committee and is available at the surgery.

JB took some questions and answered them, including bringing in Practice Staff and the ICB Programme Director, NB to give responses.

A selection/consolidation of the questions and answers were:

  • Q: I was told to go home and call 111. Why couldn’t the receptionist help me to see somebody?
    • A: JB said she agreed that the Practice can and should do better in communicating.
  • Q: What is the ICB doing to help Lakeside, following the CQC report?
    • A: NB said that the ICB are offering training to new doctors and further training to existing doctors to assist with their continued development. He also said the ICB now has a dedicated Primary Care Communications Group.
  • Q: Our population is rising and Stamford should be an attractive place to new GPs, so why can’t we get more in?
    • A: JB said the practice is always looking to recruit new GPs, since they have lost some over the past year and they are in the process of recruiting now. It has been difficult but addressing the issues in the CQC report will mean an improved CQC rating, making the Practice more attractive to new GPs. 
  • Q: In 2013 we had a very good practice, but it deteriorated and some of the existing problems pre-date Covid, including frustration for those with complex medical conditions. I have waited online for two hours and then been cut off. 
    • A: JB said that a wait of two hours was clearly unacceptable and invited the questioner to provide more details so that she could investigate.

PPG Committee Terms of Reference (TOR)

Proposed new TORs, replacing those adopted in July 2020 were discussed and amendments were proposed.  A vote was held and the TORs, including amendments were accepted.  The draft of the new TORs accompanies these minutes and will be signed off at the next committee meeting by the PPG Committee Chair and the Practice.


Ratification of committee members voted in 2022

AW, JC and PJ were voted onto the committee at the AGM in 2022 and their position was ratified.


Votes on nominations for existing committee members and proposed new members

The Interim Chair thanked two committee members who were in attendance, but were stepping down from their roles: Morag Roberts and George Woolf. All other committee members had expressed a wish to stay on the committee and were duly voted on.  JC confirmed that discussions had taken place with Lakeside to hold some meetings in the evening, to enable volunteers with work commitments to become members. Additionally, the revised TORs would include quarterly evening meetings, where patients would be invited, along with subject-matter clinical and wellbeing experts. Three patients volunteered to join the committee: Mr Petar Opacic, Mr Ken Otter and Mr John Morphy-Godber. All three were voted in and will join the PPG Committee.


Election of Officers

BP said that he was stepping down as Interim Chair and proposed that JC be elected to the role of Chair. There were no other nominations or proposals and JC was duly elected as Chair.


Questions for the PPG

The committee took questions from the floor, although some were addressed to the Practice. One patient stood to thank the PPG Committee for their work and said that they were glad to hear of the ongoing recovery plan with the ICB.

A selection/consolidation of the questions and answers were:

  • Q: Why does the Chair think so many people have left the practice?
    • A: BP said there had been a lot of retirements and subsequently a deterioration of service, but that the CQC had reported this following their inspection and improvement measures were being put in place.
  • Q: Why can’t we see the accounts of the Practice?
    • A: JB said that the Practice was not a limited company, but a partnership and accounts for such organisations are not published.  BP said that questions on spending must be addressed to the ICB.
  • Q: The Chair’s experience is not the same as ours. Why has he been telling the ICB that the Practice is doing a great job?
    • A: BP said he had not been doing that but had given reports of the PPGs activities.


JC said that the AGM had traditionally been held in January. This may not ideal, in terms of weather and dark evenings, so invited patients to let her know, by e-mailing the PPG, if they would prefer next year’s meeting to be held later in the year. She gave out the PPGs e-mail address. 

A patient said that she did not have a computer and no access to e-mail, so JC said in such cases, patients may contact the PPG by writing a letter and handing it in at a surgery, to be passed on by Lakeside to the PPG at our regular meetings. 

JC strongly urged anybody contacting the PPG, by e-mail or in writing, not to include personal medical details, since this would breach confidentiality and reminded the meeting that the PPG did not replace Lakeside’s complaints system, which could be accessed through their website, or directly at the surgery, in writing, for those who do not have online facilities.


Date of next Meeting

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

The meeting Ended: 8.00pm