PPG Minutes 15 November 2023

  • Date: 15 November 2023
  • Time: 5pm
  • Location: Sheepmarket Surgery and Online


  • Julie Clarke (JC) PPG Committee Chair (In Person)
  • Elaine Hooper (EH) PPG Committee Member (Virtual)
  • Alison Warrick (AW) PPG Committee Member (In Person)
  • Harrish Bisnauthsing (HB) PPG Committee Member (In Person)
  • Paul Matthews (PM) PPG Committee Member (In Person)
  • Liz Thompson (LT) PPG Committee Member (Virtual)
  • Dr Sian Dronfield (SD)
  • Emma Wilson (EW) GP Partner - Lakeside Healthcare Stamford Patient Engagement Manager – Lakeside Healthcare Stamford


  • John Morphy Godber (JMG) PPG Committee Vice-Chair

Chair’s welcome

JC welcomed the PPG and confirmed that Petar Opacic had resigned from the PPG due to work and time commitments. She expressed the thanks of the group for his participation.


Minutes of last meeting

JC confirmed that no meeting took place in October, as Lakeside had no staff available to attend, so a proposal that the minutes of the September PPG meeting was accurate was made by PM and seconded by HB.


Chair’s update (including matters arising from minutes of last meeting)

JC reported that she had been engaged with preparing for the 2024 AGM, which will be held on Monday 15th January 2024, at Stamford Town Hall (in the old courthouse, on the first floor, which is fully wheelchair accessible). Arrangements have been made for the next patient engagements event, details of which are included in item 7. JC has also attended the Lincolnshire-wide PPG Chairs’ meeting, which John Morphy Godber observed, in readiness for deputising at future meetings. The annual PPG meetings calendar had been agreed with Lakeside in February this year, so JC said it was unfortunate that Lakeside missed the September meeting, which was also an invited patient engagement event on diabetes and sleep deprivation. There was further concern at the October meeting being cancelled, due to Lakeside not having availability to attend once again. She confirmed that she had written to Lakeside, as requested to express the PPG’s disappointment, especially following the great lengths the PPG had gone to in securing a presentation by Professor Jon Whitehead, from Lincoln University, and expert in issues related to diabetes. Members of the PPG had asked her to enquire why alternative staff members or partners could not attend.

Matters arising from last meeting

  • The proposal to extend hours that the Doctrin system is available: EW confirmed that the app was now available from until 8pm, Monday to Friday. Closed.
  • Lakeside committed to introduce the PPG to their Quality Improvement Team: EW said the Practice is still committee to this, but the team are focussing on management improvement at the moment, but EW will confirm availability at a later date.

Lakeside Update

  • EW reported that the Practice was about to welcome three new GPs. Additionally a Senior Clinical Pharmacist will join in December.
  • There are outstanding advertised vacancies for an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Practitioner.
  • There will be a move back to individual surgery identities, with St Mary’s and Sheepmarket having their own website sections and staff biographies for each site will be posted on both sites, in an effort to both introduce patients to staff and to educate patients about staff roles.
  • The Practice with shortly be introducing an alternative system to Doctorin, which has been positively piloted and will roll this out gradually in early 2024. The Practice recognises that Doctorin is not completely compatible with SystmOnline

There followed an overview presentation of the results of the latest patient survey, conducted by Lakeside, which are due to be analysed and published, but included improvements made since the review of the CQC rating.


PPG Member questions for Lakeside and correspondence from patients

  • JC asked when the best time for patients to call is during the day, which leads to shorter waiting times. EW said late morning, or after 2pm.
  • HB asked why there did not seem to be enough Practice Nurses at St Mary’s. EW said staff needed to be placed where the greatest demand is and that is at Sheepmarket. HB said that many people who live nearer to St Mary’s have mobility issues, so it is more suitable for them. SD said that the facilities at Sheepmarket were better than those at St Mary’s, so that it is sometime necessary for patients with specific needs to attend the location where they can be best treated.
  • AW asked whether St Mary’s and Sheepmarket would have autonomy over website content specific to their location. EW confirmed they would.
  • LT Asked about SystmOnline requests and NHS records being updated. There is evidence of notes on prescription requests not being actioned. She asked whether staff who read prescription requests are also reading associated notes. EW undertook to make enquiries and respond at the next meeting.

Patient Concerns and correspondence:

  • JC said that she had only received correspondence from two patients this month and one issue had already been answered in the Practice’s update. · JC said a patient had reported to her that he had been referred to hospital in Peterborough, for what he had expected to be physiotherapy. He was confused as he had not been treated, but only spoken to. After several appointments, he had gone back to his GP and had been referred to a physiotherapist. It is thought that he may have been referred to the pain management service, but may have confused this with physiotherapy. JC asked SD whether the difference between the (Connect Health) pain management service and physiotherapy could be explained, especially to those who are more elderly or vulnerable, so that they were clear about what to expect. SD agreed and will bring the matter up with Partners.


JC and EH gave and update on their drop-in sessions at St Mary’s. The sessions had not been very busy, so they will ensure their next drop-in takes place on a busier day for appointments, so they are available to speak to more patients.

The group discussed the upcoming AGM, which will be a joint event with Stamford Health Education and Awareness Charity (SHEAC). It will be entitled “How to Save a Life” and the East Midlands Ambulance Service has agreed to provide a trainer to give a demonstration on how to use the public defibrillators placed around the town. JC shared the intended posters and fliers, which were agreed on, so will be confirmed for printing. The charity has kindly agreed to pay for venue hire and printing. JC asked for help in distributing promotional leaflets and ensuring posters are placed in community spaces.


Date/Time/Location of next meeting

Wednesday 13 December 5-5.30pm (a curtailed meeting with limited agenda) will take place prior to the Patient Engagement event at the Corn Exchange Theatre, Broad Street, Stamford at 5.30-6.30pm